Travel & Conference

Travel and Conference Overview

There are a myriad of resources here to assist staff in arranging conference, travel and car rental reservations. If you need assistance at any time making your arrangements, please call the Business or Purchasing offices.


Out of State Travel

If you are planning to travel out of state, please refer to the drop down menu below titled "An Out of State Travel Request" for additional details.  Travel must be approved in advance by the Board of Trustees to travel out of state.  This means that you will need to submit your request for approval to allow the conference to be taken to a board meeting for Board Action. 



Click here for a printable (larger) version of process below.

Click here for a sample Purchase Order for  Travel and Conference.


Click here for the Conference Attendance and Reimbursement fillable form.

Click here for Travel Claim Reimbursement Escape Instructions