District-wide Professional Development

Festival of Learning

On Thursday, February 16th, 2017,  we are happy to offer our third annual Festival of Learning. This will be a time to revisit topics that have been addressed on prior professional learning days. Many of our presenters on this day will be our own esteemed  colleagues, and we also have experts here from publishing and software companies to assist.

Please note that sessions will take place at both Liberty and Jiménez Schools. Depending on the content, sessions at Jiménez are either one hour or two hours long. All sessions at Liberty are two hours in length.  Deciding ahead of time which presentations you want to attend will let you know where you will go that day. 

Also offered  are some optional  ASIs (After School Institutes) after the regular sessions.  Teachers must register for these ahead of time in order to be compensated for their attendance.  Registration can be done via the regular ASI calendar, or from the links in the slides below.

Are you interested in resources that were introduced during one of last year's professional development days?  Check out our "Past Offerings" .